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  Overhead Underground Underground to Overhead Secondary Service Pedestals RV Power Pedestals, Mobile Home, Temporary Electric Service Pedestals Utility Tools
  Overhead - Guy Marker Underground - Cable Marker Underground to Overhead - U-Guard™ Secondary Service Pedestals - Steel, Rectangular Temporary Power Retrie-A-Door

We manufacture a wide variety of high quality pole line products. Our overhead products are used in the Electrical Utility, Cable TV, and Telephone Industries.

Some of our overhead products include steel and plastic U Guard, Adapters, Guy Markers (Guy Guards), Wildlife Protectors, and Double Coil Lock Washers,

EMC manufactures a wide variety of products for Underground Electric Distribution Systems.

Among our products are Underground Cable Markers, Duct Shields, and Cable Saddles. We also have Autotransformer Carts for restoration of failed service.

Transformer products include Mounting Cleats, Markers for easy recognition, and Transformer Lifting Hooks.

We pioneered the concept of the flanged U-Guard™ (pole risers) in the early 60’s and remain the leader in quality and innovation to this day.

Accessories include Ground Wire Molding, Conduit to U-Guard™ Plastic Adapter Boots, and Back plates.

Electrical Materials Company brought the first Secondary Service Pedestals to the market in 1961.

We are still a leader in the development of Electrical Pedestals, Cabinets, and Enclosures.

A variety of Mounting Posts, brackets and hardware for your specific needs are available.

From UL listed Recreational Vehicle (RV) Pedestals, RV Power Pedestals and Mobile Home Pedestals, to Temporary Power Pedestals, Cable Enclosures and novel designs, we can help you find a solution to your specific power needs.

Our power pedestals are durable weatherproof units built to stand the test of time. We offer both metered and un-metered pedestals of varying sizes.

Pictured above is the Retriev-a-dor™ fuse door retriever, a hot stick attachment tool, which allows the safe retrieval of open fuse doors.

We design ergonomic tools to help the lineman work quickly and with safety.

Innovative Cable Stripping, Cable Winding and Cable Splitting tools are available.

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